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Grade 7 - Percentage Worksheet 3

1. 25% more than 40 is 50. Mark True / False.

a) True                   b) False

2. To convert a percentage into a fraction, we must replace % sign with 100 and simplify. Mark True / False.

a) True                   b) False

3. The ratio of 3 : 5 converted to percentage is 70%. Mark True / False.

a) True                   b) False

4. 250 cm is 4% of 6250 cm. Mark True / False.

a) True                   b) False

5. 70% of 750 ml is equal to 525 ml. Mark True / False.

a) True                   b) False

6. In a class of 50 children, 40% are girls. How many boys are there?

7. Pradeep got 85% marks out of 900. How many marks did he lose?

8. A school has 300 boys and 250 girls. What is the percentage of girls in the school?

9. If 50 is 16 23% of a number, then what is the number?

10. Money spent on the repairs of a car was 5% of it's value. If the repair cost is Rs. 7500, then find the cost of the car.

11. Mr. John bought a house for Rs. 7500000. He paid 25% cash and the rest amount will be paid in 12 equal monthly instalments. How much will he pay each month?

12. Marie ate 35% of the pizza and gave 25% of it to her friend Julie. What percent of the pizza is left with her?

13. If 25% of the staffs in a school are females and the number of male staffs is 225, then find the total number of staff in the school.

14. In a inter school test 98% student passed and 60 students failed. How many students appeared for the test?

15. The salary of an employee is increased by 20% By what percent should the new salary be reduced to restore the original salary?

16. The rent of a house increases 10% annually. If the present value of the rent is Rs. 5000, then what will be the rent after 2 years?

17. A number is increased by 40% and the increased number is decreased by 40%. Find the net increase or decrease percent.

18. Bob's income is 20% more than of John's income. How much percent is the income of John less than that of Bob?

19. Find the loss or gain as percent, if the cost price of 20 similar articles is equal to selling price of 15 articles.

20. A cycle is marked at Rs. 7000, it is sold at a discount of 5%. Find the selling price of the cycle.

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Percentage Worksheet - 3

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