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Class 6 - Whole Number Worksheet 4

1. Write the smallest 6-digit natural number having three different digits.

2. Find the difference between the smallest number of 7-digits and the largest number of 5-digits.

3. The population of a town was 75000. In one year, it increased by 2665 due to new births. However, 1429 persons left the town during the year. What was the population of the town at the end of the year?

4. Find the whole number represented by the letter 'A' in the following statement.

        A − 2500 = 7500

5. Cost of one bicycle is Rs. 12350. Find the cost 129 similar bicycle.

6. A motorbike moves at a constant speed of 86 km per hour. How much distance it will cover in 24 hours?

7. 95 chairs and 40 blackboards were purchased for a school. If each chair costs Rs. 825 and blackboard costs Rs. 1256, find the total amount of the bill.

8. Find the product of the largest 4-digit number and the largest 5-digit number.

9. The product of two numbers is 155952. If one number is 342, find the other number.

10. What least number must be subtracted from 13605 to get a number exactly divisible by 85?

11. What is the largest 4-digit number that is divisible by 25?

12. What least number must be added 2056 to get a number exactly divisible by 34?

13. What is the least 6-digit number exactly divisible by 72?

14. 19625 trees have been equally planted in 125 rows. What is the number of trees in each row?

15. A dozen of egg cost Rs. 60. How many dozens of can be purchased for Rs. 7620?

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Whole Number-4Download the pdf

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Answer Sheet

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