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Class 1 Time

Basics of Time Reading

Time Test

Time Worksheet

Answer Sheet

Basics of Time Reading

Any clock has three hands to measure time.
1. Hour Hand

2. Minute Hand

3. Second Hand

In this class, we will learn about hour hand and minute hand.

Hour hand goes very slowly around the clock. The minute hand goes much faster around the clock as compared to the hour hand.
Let s have a look at some examples.
In the above picture, hour hand is on 9 and minute hand is on 12, then we can say it is 9 o clock. It can be written as 9:00.
In the above picture hour hand is on 5 and minute hand is on 12, then it is 5 o clock or 5:00.
Form the above two times we can conclude that when we see the minute hand is on 12, we must look at the hour hand to tell the exact time.

Time Test

Time Test - 1

Time Test - 2

Class-1 Time Worksheet

Time Worksheet - 1

Time Worksheet - 2

Answer Sheet

Time-AnswerDownload the pdf

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