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Math Quiz for Class - 8

This is a free online 8th Grade math quiz for you to try. Each online test consists of 15 questions, they are designed as per the school math syllabus. After you have submitted your answers you will be given a final score for your test. Correct answer will be provided for each wrong answer attempted by you. We hope these tests will help the students very much in their day to day math practice and enhance their math resolution skill.

Class-8 Rational Numbers Test

Rational Numbers - 1

Rational Numbers - 2

Rational Numbers - 3

Class-8 Exponents Test

Exponents & Power - 1

Exponents & Power - 2

Exponents & Power - 3

Class-8 Square And Square Roots Test

Square And Square Roots - 1

Square And Square Roots - 2

Class-8 Cubes And Cube Roots Test

Cubes And Cube Roots - 1

Cubes And Cube Roots - 2

Class-8 Algebraic Expressions Test

Cubes And Cube Roots - 1

Cubes And Cube Roots - 2

Class-8 Factorisation

Factorisation - 1

Factorisation - 2

Class-8 Linear Equations Test

Linear Equations Test - 1

Linear Equations Test - 2

Linear Equations Test - 3

Class-8 Polygon Test

Polygon Test - 1

Polygon Test - 2

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