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Class-5 Sample Questions

We have designed some sample question papers for class-V. These sample question papers mainly divided into three categories. First category is designed for internal / quarterly assessment, second category is designed for half yearly examination and the third category is designed for annual examination. Students should work on these questions and be prepared for the corresponding examination. Parents and teachers should encourage their kids to work on these sample questions to sharpen their math skills.

Class-5 Internal Assessment

Questions on Number System, Arithmetic Operation and Rounding off numbers.

Internal Assessment - 1

Internal Assessment - 2

Internal Assessment - 3

Questions on Multiple & Factors, LCM, HCF and Fraction.

Internal Assessment - 4

Internal Assessment - 5

Internal Assessment - 6

Class-5 Half Yearly Examination Sample Questions

Half Yearly Examination - 1

Half Yearly Examination - 2

Half Yearly Examination - 3

Half Yearly Examination - 4

Half Yearly Examination - 5

Class-5 Annual Examination Sample Questions

Annual Examination - 1

Annual Examination - 2

Annual Examination - 3

Annual Examination - 4

Answer Sheet

Internal Assessment AnswerDownload the pdf

Half Yearly Examination AnswerDownload the pdf

Annual Examination AnswerDownload the pdf

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